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Nordzucker Post 3/2023 - 27 July 2023

Mackay Sugar’s crushing season has started

All three of Mackay Sugar’s sugar mills in Australia have been processing sugar cane again since June.

An estimated 5.3 million tonnes of sugar cane will be crushed in the 2023 processing season at the three sugar mills by December. The sugar cane is grown around the mills and comes from the more than 1,200 farms in the Mackay region.

Since the 2022/23 crush concluded in January, Mackay Sugar teams have undertaken extensive maintenance and investment work to ensure a stable performance for the season now underway. Despite the volume of work, all three mills were able to start processing on time. Mackay Sugar’s first mill to start processing was Farleigh on 1 June. Marian began a “milling train”, the station where the juice is squeezed from the sugar cane, on 7 June. Work on the second “milling train” at Marian took a little longer, and it went into operation on 22 June. The mill in Racecourse was started up on 8 June. All mills are now expected to operate into December.

Follow the unloading of the first “milling train” here.

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