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Nordzucker Post 03/2022 - 21 July 2022

Lars Gorissen is the new chairman for the German Sugar Industry Association

At the sugar industry’s committee day on 20 June, the German Sugar Industry Association (VdZ) elected Lars Gorissen as its new chairman. He takes over from former COO Axel Aumüller, who had held the chair since 2013. Gorissen has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Sugar Industry Association since 2015.

“It is a pleasure to be chairman of Germany’s oldest industry association. In doing so, I represent an industry that produces a substantial food product and has completed the transformation into a modern industrial sector in a tried and tested social partnership. We have also always been forward-thinking when it comes to climate protection and have already come a long way, having reduced our CO2 emissions by over 60 percent since 1990. By using our own biogenic residues, we will be able to produce climate-neutral and independent of fossil fuels in the future. What is still missing is political support at national and European level. This is precisely what I will do my utmost to achieve,” explains Lars Gorissen.

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