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Nordzucker Post 02/2021 - 28 May 2021

Lars Gorissen: From our own strength

Dear Readers,

“A cold May and windy,” goes an old saying in many countries, “makes a barn full and findy.” Whether the old rule is verified, we will see at harvest time. For a good harvest and a good result, all of us, farmers and companies, need a lot of commitment, constant improvement and optimization, and a good plan for the future, in addition to the right weather.

The previous fiscal year 2020/2021 shows that we have succeeded in bringing Nordzucker back into the profit zone. This is thanks to a good performance on the market, but primarily to our own cost-cutting and transformation programs. We want to develop the company into excellence in all areas so that we can compete in the market, remain a good partner for our farmers and shareholders, and are an attractive employer. 

Our newly developed Sustainability Strategy 2030 will also contribute to this. It covers all parts of the company with specific targets. In particular, we have committed to science-based climate targets. We will transparently make our contribution to limiting the rise in temperature so that the following generations can also look to the future with confidence. Read more about our sustainability strategy in our annual report at nordzucker.com . 

The Annual General Meeting of Nordzucker AG will again be held online on July 7, 2021. We will hold it at the same time as the Annual General Meeting of Nordzucker Holding AG. This will allow our shareholders to attend both meetings on the same date and be able to submit their votes. Please also take advantage of the opportunity to obtain information and ask questions in advance via our website

I wish you an interesting reading of the Nordzucker Post, good weather and a good development of the beets on your farms. 


Lars Gorissen

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