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Nordzucker Post 3/2023 - 27 July 2023

GoGreen: Investing in a sustainable future


This is the motto under which Nordzucker bundles its sustainability initiatives. Because only together, within the company and together with our beet growers and customers, can we tackle the many tasks of protecting our environment. Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy, shapes our decisions and concerns us all.

Extracting sugar from beet is an energy-intensive process, and by 2030 – in addition to the measures we have already implemented over the past decades – we are committed to cutting emissions from our factories by half again. This is an important intermediate step towards climate neutrality by 2050. We are developing roadmaps for all Nordzucker plants to achieve this goal. As a basis for this, we are testing and introducing technical innovations and establishing them in the company.

Nordzucker will invest more than an additional 250 million Euro across the Group over the next five years as part of our GoGreen programme. In particular, the reduction of energy consumption in the factories is a necessary building block for a sustainable future. We are following an international standard, the Science Based Target Initiative, in setting ambitious climate targets. Through science-based and transparent targets, which are verified by independent climate scientists, we ensure that the reduction of our emissions contributes to achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

Our goal is to achieve climate-neutral production by 2050 at the latest. Climate-neutral production must go hand in hand with a switch to a renewable energy supply without fossil fuels. One option here is the use of biogas from our own beet pulp. Of the amount of beet pulp that has so far been marketed exclusively as animal feed, about half could be used to produce biogas. In the long term, the Nordzucker factories would be able to operate almost self-sufficiently in terms of energy under the right legal conditions.

Nordzucker.Together.Sustainable. See in this video how we are preparing for the future together with employees and beet farmers from all Nordzucker countries. Because sustainability needs everyone. Video-Link

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