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Nordzucker Post 04/2020 - 10 August 2020

Farm to Fork – Strategy of EU-commission

The EU Commission intends to make the EU food system a global benchmark for sustainability. The Farm-to-Fork Strategy (published in May) aims to reduce food consumption and loss, as well as better informed consumers.

Targets for food manufacturers include:

  • harmonised and mandatory nutrition labelling on the front of pack (FOP),
  • the promotion of reformulation measures,
  • setting maximum levels for certain nutrients in food;
  • the creation of nutritional profiles with a purpose of restricting the promotion of foods with a high fat, sugar and salt content (through nutrition or health claims).

These objectives focus on reducing individual foods and ingredients such as sugar, fat and salt. Unfortunately, the energy density of food or the energy balance from energy intake and consumption, the most effective measure when it comes to preventing obesity, is not in focus.

By 2030, the “Farm-to-Fork” strategy will also aim to

  • 50 percent reduction in the use of chemical plant protection,
  • Reduction of fertilizer use by at least 20 percent,
  • Extension of organic farming to 25 percent of the total agricultural area.

Nordzucker is already working on solutions for beet growing in the Smart Beet Initiative in research, testing, consulting and digital approaches.

The “Farm-to-Fork” strategy will be followed by concrete initiatives on the EU Green Deal, which will have an impact on many areas of Nordzucker’s work.

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