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31 March 2022

Nordzucker sugar beet sowing 2022 in full swing

While the sugar beet fields in Germany are almost fully sown in many regions, sowing is still in progress in other countries.

Extensive sunshine and low rainfall in recent weeks led to ideal conditions to start sugar beet sowing in mid-March in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. In the meantime, more than 70 percent of the areas in Germany and Denmark have been sown. Only in Finland the sowing does not start until the end of April / beginning of May, as in previous years.

Drastically increased prices for fuel, fertiliser and other inputs, but also for alternative crops such as wheat and canola, are also relevant for the farming of sugar beet. Nordzucker is following these and developments on the sugar markets very closely. Lars Gorissen, CEO of Nordzucker, makes it clear: “We are aware of the situation in the agriculture sector and beet production. The development of the sugar price will enable us to pay higher beet prices and make sugar beet attractive in 2022 as well.” Based on the seed quantities ordered and on the progress of sowing to date, the area under cultivation is expected to be in line with plans. Nordzucker will ensure that its customers and consumers are supplied with the important food product sugar again this year.

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