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9 March 2023

Nordzucker factory in Nordstemmen begins 2023 thick juice campaign

The Nordzucker factory in Nordstemmen will start its thick juice campaign on 13 March. During the beet campaign, which lasts from September to January, not all the beets were processed into granulated sugar. Part of it was stored as so-called thick juice, an intermediate product in the extraction of sugar, in large tanks on the sugar factory premises. In the thick juice campaign that is now beginning, the sugar in the thick juice is crystallised. The advantage of this subsequent campaign is that Nordzucker can meet customer demands for special products and crystal sizes in a more targeted manner.

The thick juice campaign starts on the morning of 13 March with functional and safety checks on the boilers and turbines. Factory manager Elmar Kuhnt says: “We ask our neighbours for their understanding if there may be increased noise for a short time during the start-up of the plant. In the coming weeks we will crystallise the sugar from the thick juice. Around 30 employees will be working around the clock in shifts for this.”

The thick juice campaign is expected to end in mid-May. Boilers and turbines will be shut down shortly afterwards and the factory prepared for the next beet campaign in autumn. 

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