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Supplier Sustainability Engagment Program (SSEP)

Improving sustainability perfromance across the supply chain

We take our responsibility for respecting and protecting human rights seriously, both in our direct operations and in our supply chains.

To ensure respect for human rights and environmental protection, while at the same time improve sustainability practice across our supply chains, we established the Supplier Sustainability Engagement Program (SSEP). Through this program, we ask our key suppliers to undertake a short sustainability self-assessment questionnaire which helps us understand their sustainability maturity and check whether the suppliers is in compliance with the Nordzucker Supplier Code of Conduct. Where any potential or actual gaps and risk are identified, we work together with the supplier to address them by sharing good practice and helpful guidance.

We believe that by working holistically with our key partners, we can improve sustainability performance not only in our direct supply chain, but also beyond.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business. We are active and committed in many ways. Our projects show where we currently focus on.