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“Smart Beet Initiative”

Making beet fit

Under the motto “Making beet fit”, we are adapting to changes in the agricultural sector in the areas of plant protection, fertilizers, water supply and biodiversity with an agile and decentralized approach.

We are deliberately taking a decentralized approach that involves working in close partnership with our farmers in the individual countries. Our aim is to adopt new practices in beet cultivation that reduce the use of chemical pesticides and increase soil fertility by sustainable means. The countless initiatives range from mechanical-digital methods of plant protection, such as the use of robot technology, to natural pest control, for example ladybirds. Together with researchers and our beet growers, we are testing new practices for the agriculture of the future. Environmental sustainability combined with strong yields is the overall objective.

Nordzucker is a modern, international company. Our business is producing sugar from beet and cane. Get a first impression.

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