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Take care – safety first

Occupational safety is part of our culture

A work environment that keeps employees healthy and prevents accidents is essential at Nordzucker. Safety is our top priority.

Our concept is based on providing our employees with training, ensuring that our managers lead by example and act responsibly, and having an explicit health and safety strategy that is implemented by means of certified systems and regular audits.

Increasing safety awareness

In 2018, we launched a major project entitled “Take care – safety first” with the aim of increasing personal safety awareness and ensuring that we all improve our “safety thinking”. Our goal is not just to prevent accidents but also to protect the general health and well-being of our employees. In the future, we will be even more focused on issues relating to physical and mental well-being, such as stress and work-life balance.

Nordzucker’s "Auszeit": 5 theme areas contributing to the satisfaction of our employees.

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