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“Go Green”

Working for the climate

With regard to energy consumption and CO emissions, Nordzucker is already setting standards today and exceeding legal requirements. Since 1990, the energy consumed by extracting sugar from beet has fallen by 40 per cent, while CO emissions have decreased by 60 per cent.

We require heat, and therefore energy, to evaporate the water that makes up 75 per cent of sugar beet and crystallize the sugar. Our boilers process sugar beet and are powered by gas, oil or coal. The water vapour that forms inside the boilers during this process generates electricity via a turbine which is subsequently applied in the evaporation and boiling process. This power-and-heat generation process is particularly efficient. The energy efficiency of this system is 85 per cent, which is significantly better than that of conventional power factories (maximum of 50 per cent). Natural gas is the Group’s main source of energy today.

However, this is not enough in terms of protecting the climate. We therefore have a clear target:

An end to coal by 2030 – carbon-neutral by 2050 at the latest

Our “Go Green” programme to convert all of our factories to renewable energies is now in the starting phase. We are currently examining and assessing the potential offered by different technologies and how they can be used in our factories. Promising technologies will subsequently be tested in live production so that they can be implemented throughout the Group. The conversion process requires significant investment.

The extraction and crystallization of sugar takes place in many individual steps. A look behind the scenes provides clarification and is exciting at the same time.

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