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SweetFamily & Dansukker: Diverse range for sweet cooking

Nordzucker provides a very diverse range of products to sweeten the home-cooking of our consumers - all packaged under the two brands: SweetFamily and Dansukker.

SweetFamily is a byword for sugar of the highest quality in northern Germany. The natural product sugar has been produced here since 1838 from north German sugar beet with all of the experience built up over many generations. You can taste the careful preparation of the sugar in each SweetFamily package. Our website also contains a large selection of recipes and product information

Nordic Sugar provides consumers in Nordic and Baltic countries with a broad range of sugar products for sweet home-cooking all sold under the Dansukker master brand. Regional specialities include the different types of syrup which are very popular for baking in Nordic countries. Inspiration for sweet cooking and a large selection of recipes are available for customers at our website


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Süße Küche-Team

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