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Editorial from Dr. Lars Gorissen: "Climate-friendly and regional"

Dear Readers,

Finally it rained! Overall, this is very positive, even if we would have been even more pleased about it a short time ago. Now the rain makes harvesting and processing more difficult without significantly improving the yield. We know how to deal with this, because beet cultivation and sugar production have always been influenced by the weather.

What we are not getting used to are the competition distortions in the EU and on the world market. The free trade agreement with the Mercosur states goes one further. However, compared with agricultural products from South America, regionally produced sugar in Europe is likely to have a better climate balance. Amazing in view of the current debate that this is apparently not (yet) an issue.

Society will still discover our sugar as a "climate-friendly, regional food". We are working on this at all levels and we are continuing to adapt our structures to the new market environment. Although the half-year figures are still negative, the cost reductions are already showing initial positive effects. A slight recovery is also expected in the market.

In Australia, "normal" business is beginning. Mackay Sugar is a "Member of Nordzucker Group", the committees and functions are in place. Our optimization projects are now launched.

Read the short news in the Nordzucker Post. With this electronic format, we will inform you about how Nordzucker is doing about four times a year. It replaces the formal quarterly reports and provides you with additional information.

We look forward to your interest.

Lars Gorissen