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31 March 2020

Health protection and security of supply have top priority for Nordzucker

The corona pandemic leads to considerable restrictions in private and professional life. Nordzucker has taken health protection measures at all its locations and is ensuring the supply of sugar from regional production to the population at the current significantly increased demand.

Dr. Lars Gorissen, CEO Nordzucker Group, explains: "As a food producer, we have a twofold responsibility. It is important to protect health by curbing the spread of the virus and at the same time ensure the food supply of the population. As a food producer, the sugar industry is part of the systemically important infrastructure".

Gorissen sees the fact that this has been so successful so far as being primarily due to the flexibility and at the same time the increased commitment of all those involved: "I am deeply impressed by the sense of responsibility, the attitude and the commitment of our employees in this exceptional situation. The same applies to the cooperation with our suppliers, customers and beet growers. I would like to thank everyone involved for their commitment and support."

Under special conditions to prevent infection, the delivery of the sugar and the maintenance and investment measures at the plants will continue. The sowing of sugar beet for the beet campaign starting September 2020 has already begun.


Bioethanol for the production of disinfectants

Disinfectants are extremely limited, but are of fundamental importance for health protection. Nordzucker will therefore supply the remaining available quantities of bioethanol in full to manufacturers of disinfectants.


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Health protection and security of supply have top priority for Nordzucker



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