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Chamber of Commerce and Industry education prize for Nordzucker’s model sugar plant

Trainee project ''Model sugar plant'' of the Nordzucker site Klein Wanzleben

Nordzucker received the Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s education prize for the second time. The prize recognizes companies which have made an innovative and dedicated contribution to careers selection and to vocational and professional training. The ‘model sugar plant’ submitted by Nordzucker was singled out for praise.

“Producing a modular model sugar plant” was the working title of the training project, which has been running in Klein Wanzleben since 2012. Every generation of trainee contributed working pieces in order to produce a fully functioning model plant. The ever-growing modules are now housed in a room of 9 sq m and are causing quite a stir with their precision and detail.

Lars Wärmer, a trainer in Klein Wanzleben, describes the idea behind the concept: “Our trainees have more fun when they are able to construct technical components themselves and produce them in a manner that is true to life. Building the module allows them to take responsibility for their work and then to see an immediate, great result. Their individual work contributes to a great overall piece.”

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry praised the way in which the model brought the technical nexus from various different areas to life. The prize was accepted by Udo Harten, Head of Sugar Factory Klein Wanzleben, and Lars Wärmer, trainer in Klein Wanzleben.


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