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Practice-oriented and varied: Jobs with a future

Professional Training 


(Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


We put a very high priority on training. Over 80 young people are learning the basic skills required for their future jobs through our training programmes. Our trainers are experts with many years of experience, who receive continuous further education to keep them up-to-date. In addition to observing the training specifications defined by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we also upgrade the training we give with extra aspects and qualifications important for the people working in our company.

The whole training is characterised by its practice-orientation and its continuous integration into Nordzucker's activities. In vocational training colleges, the trainees acquire the theoretical knowledge they require, and in parallel receive an insight into all of the training-relevant activities in our company. This combination of theory and hands-on work provides our trainees with an optimal background to succeed in their future working lives. 


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Thomas Rabe