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Organic sugar

Nordzucker caters to the growing organic segment with an expanded range of modern organic sugar products. Because the demand for organic sugar currently exceeds the supplies of domestic organic beet sugar, use is made of imported cane sugar. Nordzucker tests the quality of the imported goods to guarantee the organic classification - verifying the sugar's origin, production and the tracking of organic ingredients. The markets have been dominated in the past by brown and semi-white organic cane sugar types. There is now a demand though for types with better industrial properties and with qualities corresponding to domestic beet sugar. Nordzucker naturally can also supply its sugars in tested organic quality. The best raw materials and continuous controls ensure that our products always satisfy the highest specifications.


Product properties


Organic crystal sugar

Nordzucker supplies you with organic crystal sugar made out of high quality organic cane sugar. Please note here that the darker the colour of the sugar, the stronger the taste, and therefore the stronger the taste of the end products produced using this sugar.

Organic liquid sugar

Thanks to Nordzucker AG's many years of technical expertise in the production of liquid sugars, it can now also supply organic liquid sugar and bio-invert sugar syrup made from organic cane sugar. Organic invert sugar syrup and organic liquid sugar are pure, almost colourless syrups, and are ideal for all standard industrial purposes. And whether they are used for making beverages, dairy products, fruit products, confectionery or other organic quality products, using liquid organic sugar products supplied by Nordzucker means that you have to make no compromises in terms of taste and appearance compared to conventional products. They all boast the full aroma.


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Sugar production – step by step

You can download the flyer "Sugar production – step by step" here.